We work to continually extend our interests through play-based learning. We work collaboratively with families to promote holistic learning for our children and as a result, build confident and capable individuals.

We encourage independence through enabling and encouraging the children to take part in the routines of the room, collaborating with their peers for further learning and allowing them the space to explore their interests. Our weekly library visits to Caloundra City Private School encourage a sense of community within the School and allow us to take part in rich early literacy experiences. We are strongly influenced by the Nature Play theory and we often venture out into the School’s Permaculture Garden and the surrounding nature reserve to allow the children hands on experiences.

Our Kindergarten program utilises a strengths-based approach in a play-based environment to support and extend children’s early learning. We engage in and observe the children’s interests, abilities, beliefs and understandings that they bring with them from their home lives. This supports the development of the program, planning activities that the children will enjoy and engage with, while also providing challenging experiences to extend their knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, with a focus on the social/emotional, cognitive, physical and language developmental domains.

A typical day in Kindergarten consists of child initiated play activities and engagement with learning areas that promote skill development. We provide numeracy and literacy resources that interest the children and specific learning areas for collage, construction, painting and drawing, science and nature, tinkering and carpentry and dramatic play. Kindergarten is a place for us to come together as a family, feeling a sense of belonging and security, as we grow emotionally, socially and intellectually together.